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Mischievous leprechaun

March 17, 2014

Photo of a tree, with the caption: The leprechaun led me here, and it must be a sick joke

Fishing talk: Stylish

March 14, 2014

Two guys fishing in a stream, with the caption: I don't care what Carl says. Horizontal stripes are definitely not in.

Stuck in the parking garage

March 13, 2014

photo of a parking garage with caption: fourth day stuck in a parking garage subsisting off goldfish crackers and juice boxes

We all have a purpose

March 12, 2014

Cartoon of goldfish cracker talking to a real fish, who says that we all have a purpose

Fishing talk: Kraken

March 7, 2014

It’s been a few weeks since my last post about these two guys fishing, so it’s about time to offer up a new one. For those who are new to this little project, I took this photo last year, and have wondered about various things these guys talked about during that chilly winter day as they fished in the stream. Previous versions include Dr. Seuss and Downton Abbey.

Photo of two guys fishing in a stream, with the caption: I'd like to believe in the Kraken. It gives me a sense of mystery in life.

And so we line up

March 6, 2014

A photo of a line of streetlights, with the handwritten caption: And so we line up and hope our turn comes soon

The staring contest

March 5, 2014

Staring contest, where one participant says he has an advantage due to an IV drip and a catheter


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