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Round & round

May 15, 2014

cartoon of phrases going round and round


Fear of rejection

May 14, 2014

Fear of rejection cartoon

Voices in the dark

May 13, 2014

A voice in the darkness asks, Is anybody out there?

Don’t go yet! There’s another cartoon…

A voice in the dark asks, Are you still there?

Still kicking

May 12, 2014

No, no—I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. I am, thankfully, still around!

It’s been quite a while since my last post, as I’ve been busy in the Great Race for Money. Yeah, it eats up a lot of my time—but I feel grateful that I have clients who are willing to pay me money for work (I’m a freelance graphic designer). There are instances when the work is a deluge, and that doesn’t leave me with much energy for the personal projects I do with the love of creating. When that old salt “It’s feast or famine” rings true for client work, you’ve got to be thankful for the feasts to carry you through the famines (storing up those acorns here and there). Yep, there have been slow times in my work, and while they allow more time for my personal projects, they’re not the greatest for bringing in cash flow.

Work’s going to be relatively slower until June, and I’m looking to get back into posting more stuff. I’ve certainly missed posting! I’ve been still scrawling down my thoughts and images in my sketchbook, and I’m also grateful for those relaxing creative breaks to relish in letting my imagination go, making mistakes, and doing stuff not for a client’s or an editor’s approval. Just simply making my own odd drawings and poems and very short stories. It’s good, serious fun.

So, I’ll be getting back into posting here. I’m not going to go all crazy and push for a schedule like I’ve done before—since responsibilities outside of this blog will still need to be juggled. But I’m really looking forward to getting back into being more active here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Hopefully, you’ll like the new stuff I come up with… 🙂

Mischievous leprechaun

March 17, 2014

Photo of a tree, with the caption: The leprechaun led me here, and it must be a sick joke

Fishing talk: Stylish

March 14, 2014

Two guys fishing in a stream, with the caption: I don't care what Carl says. Horizontal stripes are definitely not in.

Stuck in the parking garage

March 13, 2014

photo of a parking garage with caption: fourth day stuck in a parking garage subsisting off goldfish crackers and juice boxes

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