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Clowns on Jupiter

September 11, 2013

After posting the Robots of the future cartoon yesterday, I wondered about more of the poem, beyond the mere five lines shown in the cartoon. So I wrote it. It’s not necessarily written by a robot, but I’ll leave it up to you as to whether it’s bad poetry or not.

Clowns on Jupiter

Upon arriving at the Jupiter spaceport,
we struggle to overcome our grogginess
to regain some of the enthusiasm
back when we blasted off
from Earth for this journey—
but that enthusiasm had to step to the side
as medicated drowsiness took over
for our long sleep through the
nothingness of space.

Now we’re finally here
and clowns welcome us,
goofing around to make us smile,
soften our transition from slumber
to this new, exotic environment.

Twinges simmer—
the kind you feel when you
arrive at someplace new,
and the air is charged with electricity.

I catch sight of one of Jupiter’s
sixty-three moons, and the
excitement builds as I try to
remember all their names.

But the clowns keep trying
to grab our attention,
this odd welcoming committee
over-active in their duties,
something sinister in their looks,
like they want to know
our intentions because
they don’t trust us.

Clowns on Jupiter
staring at me.
Eyes like daggers.
Eyes like daggers.
Eyes like daggers.

Exhaled relief arrives as
we settle into our taxi
and make our way to the hotel,
checking ourselves
for puncture wounds.

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  1. September 11, 2013 12:24 pm

    A most interesting extension to the original cartoon…enjoyed it.

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