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The derecho

July 3, 2012

In this hot and heavy air,
we carry ourselves slowly,
no sudden moves now, and
not much breeze either in

the house without electricity. Then
we find temporary coolness in the creek’s
water flowing over our flipflopped feet.

Luckily, no tree smashed our roof
or car and we survived the storm–
far, far more fortunate than those

in the earthquakes of Haiti and Chengdu,
in the tsunamis of Indonesia and Japan,
in Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin tornado.

The Washington Post described our storm
as a derecho, advancing lines
of thunderstorms, fast and violent,
winds strong enough to snap thick trees,

which, in turn, snapped power lines. Then,
a day later, the Post had an article
about oil sands in Canada, with
a photo of tree trunks stacked like

Lincoln Logs, awaiting removal to make
way for enormous trucks to remove the
sand that will be processed and made
into energy.

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  1. July 3, 2012 2:29 pm

    Storms back there were pretty bad…hope all is relatively well at your place.

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