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June 8, 2012

News Headlines about Brutal Acts

Yesterday’s news of another massacre in Syria brought yet more sad and anger-inducing news to a spate of events that happened in May and June. These have compelled me to create the above graphic, made from headlines of the events. My typical blog posts are lighthearted, but I was moved to go in a different direction. Re-writing the headlines made me wince (not nearly as much as the photos on news websites, though)—due to writing words such as charred, knifed, and axed being a different action than reading them on the articles.

Sources of headlines: “Syria eyewitness: charred bodies proof of Hama massacre” (The Telegraph, June 7), “Children shot, knifed, axed to death in Syria’s Houla massacre, reports say” (CNN, May 28), “49 headless bodies unidentified in Mexico massacre” (Yahoo News, May 14), “7 Mutilated bodies found in northwest Mexico” (Fox News, June 6), and “Cannibalism Trend Can Feed On Itself, Experts Say–6 Acts Of Human Consumption Draw Lurid Attention” (RTV6 ABC The Indy Channel, June 6).

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  1. June 8, 2012 11:38 am

    A very powerful graphic that conveys what some people contend with everyday…a sad truth.

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