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Artomatic 2012!

May 21, 2012

A new Artomatic has started! This enormous art show’s newest happening is at Crystal City, Virginia, with 1,300 participants in an 11-story building that’s packed with art: paintings, illustrations, sculptures, photography, film, live music. Did I leave anything out?

I first discovered Artomatic back in 2009, when it was close to the Washington Nationals ballpark. I was floored by the amount of artwork, of space after space of images. Last fall, I participated in Artomatic@Frederick and had my paintings on public display for the first time. It was an immensely rewarding experience. As I worked on my space for this year’s Artomatic, I met several people in the same boat I was in last fall.

What I’ve enjoyed about Artomatic is seeing other people’s creativity. Like going to an exhibit in an art museum — but multiplied several times over. There is so much work, I can’t see how it can be taken in during a single day.

This creativity is something that I also appreciate at WordPress and Pinterest. Lots of people post their art — or someone else’s that they enjoy. I’ve discovered the work of cartoonists, photographers, poets, writers, and painters through these sites. And, unlike an art show, these blog posts and boards don’t close down daily. I prefer seeing artwork in person, but these websites (and others, of course) allow for work to be shared all the time and from artists around the world.

But I digress away from Artomatic. It’s at 1851 S. Bell Street, about half a block from the Crystal City Metro Station. There’s a wild, vivid, intoxicating, mash-up of creativity there. A wild rumpus, as Maurice Sendak said much better than I could. It’s free to see and experience. Check here for a calendar of events.

My space is on the 9th floor, in a room next to the Peeps Contest winners. Space #90172. I’m excited to have my work up on a wall again!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Peeps. The finalists from The Washington Post Peeps Contest are on display at Artomatic. As if you needed yet another reason to visit. Each year, the Post has a contest for industrious individuals to create dioramas that include Peeps, those brightly colored marshmellow goodies that used to be just chicks, but now come in bunnies and more. They’ve grown beyond Easter to add marshmellowy sweetness to Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

But those are just the goods from the factory. In the hands of industrious individuals, Peeps re-create Occupy DC, the British royal wedding, Republican primary debate, and more. If you can’t make it to the show, you can see the fun at the Post.

If you can’t make it to Artomatic, below are my paintings on display…. also, here’s a video of Artomatic by Jacob Foko.

Four Koi

Four Koi Painting
Fern Leaf
Fern Leaf painting

Pixel Tree
Pixel Tree painting
Sunrise Through the Window
Sunrise Through the Window painting
The Wild Inside

The Wild Inside painting
Seasons Vortex
Seasons Vortex painting

The Night We Had a Fire on the Beach
The Night We Had a Fire on the Beach painting
Underwater Light
Underwater Light painting

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