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The ghost was aghast

October 31, 2011

Ghost illustrationThe ghost was aghast
by Cindy looking steadfast.
“What’s the matter?”
he asked.
“My tremendous boo
used to frighten you.”

Cindy replied,
“In my younger years,
you scared me to tears.
I would hide under my blanket
or rush headlong for the exit.
But now, I’m used to monsters in media
and their explanations on Wikipedia.
Vampires are on TV and movies,
as are werewolves and zombies.
Ghost hunters are on lots of shows,
and they’re fake as everyone knows.”

The perplexed ghost said,
“But I’m 100 percent real,
as real as a banana peel.”

Cindy replied,
“That’s certainly open to debate.
This could be a dream, at any rate.
Besides, there’s more to be scared of,
more than your boo is prepared of.
There’s terrorism and global warming.
There’s clouds of locusts swarming,
partially hydrogenated vegetable fats,
dwindling populations of bees and bats.
There’s the worry about recession,
inflation, and stock market fluctuation.
Then there’s the federal budget deficit
and not enough fiber in my diet.
Is the bad cholesterol HDL or LDL?
I really can’t tell.”

The ghost was aghast
at Cindy’s frightening newscast.

Cindy nodded, saying,
“You see, my dear ghostie?
I’m no longer your milquetoastie.
I think you should change your style
to something more worthwhile.
You and the world should be more in sync.
Haven’t you ever seen Monsters, Inc.?
Instead of trying to scare everyone,
you should try to create some fun.
How about making people laugh
with jokes, slapstick, and a verbal gaffe?
Given all that’s going on in the world,
we could use more giggle’d and guffaw’d.”

A smile spread on the ghost,
from one to the other bedpost.
He said,
“I very much like your advice,
and I shall become extra nice.
I’ll make people giggles and chortles!
They’ll snuffle laughter from their snozzles!
And right now, I’ll start with you:
Knock, knock, my dear Cindy-boo.”

“Who’s there?”
Cindy asked while twirling her hair.

Then the ghost began to disappear,
dissipated like vapor into thin air.
With that, Cindy smiled a big smile,
Lay down her head, and dreamt for a long while.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 31, 2011 10:47 am

    Absolutely delightful…what a fun way to start my day…Thanks!

  2. Sue permalink
    October 31, 2011 2:46 pm

    this. is. awesome.

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