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Stay hungry, Stay foolish

October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” This message is from Steve Jobs’s “How to live before you die” speech at Stanford’s 2005 commencement. At the end of the speech, Jobs revisited the final issue of the Whole Earth Catalog, which had the hungry, foolish message on its back cover. (For an image of that cover, click here.) I found the speech inspiring, with some lessons that he learned from his life. As a graphic designer, I liked hearing his story of how a calligraphy class fired his love of typography–which he instilled into Macs. Yeah, go for solid technology, but make it beautiful, too.

As with his speech, Apple’s products are also inspiring. Not only elegant in design, but easy to use. This ease of use in my MacBook has supported my creativity by not being clunky and getting in the way. How many people have used Apple’s products as tools that enhance their creativity? I enjoyed J.J. Abrams’s (Lost, Alias, Cloverfield, Super 8, etc.) comment in his TED speech about his MacBook: “It challenges me. It basically says, ‘What are you going to write that’s worthy of me?'” Well said.

Who knows what else Jobs would have dreamt up? He left a huge impact on the world, from beautiful devices that have elevated our habits of creating, learning, communicating, listening to music, watching movies, and so on. Oh yeah, speaking of movies, Jobs also was in the mix at Pixar Animation Studios, which has made incredibly entertaining and emotionally moving films.

Thanks for making the world a cooler place, man.

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