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April in Paris

April 26, 2011

Yep, the name comes from a jazz song written in the 1930s (more info on Wikipedia). A nice video on YouTube features Billie Holiday singing the song, with sepia-toned photos of Paris by Kevin Geary. There’s another song involved in this poem, as well as a few other poems that inspired some verses. I’ve never actually been in Paris during April — just a couple of days in November a couple of years ago. It was a beautiful city in fall, and I’m sure it’s beautiful in spring, too.

Eiffel Tower with tulips
April in Paris

April in Paris is welcome
after a winter of discontent,
before the dog days of summer,
and ages before autumn in New York.
Now is the time for
wandering down new avenues
in comfortable old shoes,
seeing the sidewalk cafes
on sunny and rainy days,
wetted by a rain that snaps
the drought of March’s naps
and stirs our slow roots–
so that we’re in hot pursuits
toward warmth and sun,
to outside and the garden:
hyacinths and tulips
(like bright teacups)
and lilacs and fresh greenery
all over the Parisian scenery,
then up up up the Eiffel Tower
to see all this colorful flower
mixed with gray buildingtops,
then we’re back to sidewalks and shops,
crossing bridges over the Seine
and inside to the art domain,
meandering through the Louvre,
which makes us want to mouvre
a brush over the snowy field of canvas,
painting yellow, red, and blue
and spring our own creation into view.
Finally, we rest at a cafe for coffee
and heatedly debate philosophy,
staying so long it’s time for dinner,
smelling all the sauces a-simmer,
now our waiter is joined by a sommelier
encouraging us to stay through May,
she’ll guide us with wine to pair with foods,
for there are still many new avenues
through with which wander
into a glorious summer.

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  1. April 26, 2011 8:52 am

    My favorite city! Paris

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