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Four of Maine

March 9, 2011

Last summer, our family took a vacation in Maine, that Vacationland of rocky coasts, lobster, and moose. We had lots of fun visiting lighthouses, walking around charming towns, and exploring those rocky coasts. Beautiful, beautiful scenery. The most beautiful scenery was in Acadia National Park — from the fantastic view at the peak of Cadillac Mountain to the chilly water at Sand Beach to the dramatic water hitting rocks at Thunder Hole to the much calmer water at Jordan Pond. You can take a virtual tour of the park at the National Park Service’s Web site.

We took lots of photos at the spots around Maine, and I used these as references for several paintings:

Maine Rocks Trees Ocean Painting
View from Owl’s Head State Park, Maine.
Pemaquid Lighthouse Painting
Pemaquid Lighthouse. Just beyond the lighthouse, rocks stretch into the ocean. It was great fun scrambling over the rocks, watching the waves crash against the rocks, and investigating the fascinating marine life in tide pools.

View from Acadia Beach Painting
View from Acadia Park’s Sand Beach.

Painting of Jordan Pond and Bubble Mountains
Jordan Pond, with the North and South Bubble Mountains in the background (Acadia National Park).

And last up, a little poem about this beautiful state:

Try not to abstain
from visiting Maine.
Once you go,
you may return again and again.
You don’t have to be a mobster
to afford fresh lobster,
and the park of Acadia
is naturally splendidia.

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  1. March 9, 2011 1:31 pm

    When I lived in New England, I loved the trips into Maine…quite beautiful indeed.

  2. AryanMolaeimehr permalink
    March 26, 2011 7:24 am

    beautiful paintings , thanks

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