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Looking Back

January 24, 2011

Last week was the last one in the project that I started back in January 2010, to create a t-shirt design, poem, and cartoon a week. I hope you enjoyed seeing these different creations. My most popular posts in the three categories were:

Funny how that works out. I couldn’t have predicted these posts would be the most visited.

Doing this project was a great way to kick-start my creativity. The weekly schedule forced me to come up with ideas and put them into form on a regular basis. This made the side projects into a routine, rather than something I did here and there. And this was the benefit of the project, to get me moving more on side projects.

I have lots of ideas for the year ahead. I’ll continue to create more, and I’m sure those will include t-shirts, cartoons, and poems. Painting will join the mix, as I started that last year, and had a few posts about what I came up with. Three Apples was one I really enjoyed doing.

Please check back in every now and then. I’m not planning to have a weekly schedule for blog posts in 2011, but who knows if that will change?

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