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The End is Near (shirt 73)

January 10, 2011
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The End is Near t-shirt
Yes, the end is near. Nope, I’m not talking about the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world on December 21, 2012 (Discovery News has an interesting article about this). I’m actually referring to the end of this project that I started in January 2011. Just this week and next for my weekly shirt/cartoon/poem posts.

Many cartoons have shown a grizzled, bearded guy wearing tattered clothes and holding a sign with “The End is Near” scrawled on it. A search on Google images pulls up many examples. Homer Simpson is there, as well as signs referring to global warming and Wall Street. One creative one includes a second guy sporting another sign: “Are We There Yet?”

Now you don’t have to hammer a sign together and paint it. You can wear this message on a The End is Near t-shirt. And you can prove that you’re not kidding. It’s true: the end is actually near. The back of this shirt has the text: “The End.” Some seeing the shirt could imagine that you’re trying to predict the apocalypse, and you may very well be. But you’re certainly correct about the back of your t-shirt. The shirt is available here.

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  1. January 10, 2011 1:15 pm

    Oh this one made me laugh aloud.

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