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Cyclops on a Unicycle (shirt 72)

January 3, 2011

Cyclops Unicycle T-shirt
Happy New Year! I hope you, dear reader, have a happy and healthy 2011.

Well, I started this blog last January with the goal of creating a shirt design and poem each week. Somewhere in the middle, I added weekly cartoons to the mix. My first t-shirt design in this project was posted on Jan. 12 last year. So I’m almost done completing a full year — I’m planning on wrapping up the year-long project during the week of Jan. 17. So just a few weeks to go.

I’m starting the home stretch with a… cyclops on a unicycle? Well, with their one eye, maybe cyclopses would prefer a one-wheeled mode of transportation. This cyclops is decked out in a bowtie and top hat for his unicycle-riding performance. Click here to see this cyclops t-shirt on my Zazzle store.

Speaking of unicycles, check out Cedric Vincent’s rad trixxs (rad spelling, eh?) hopping and riding over lots of street obstacle… how the hell did he get down those stairs backwards???

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