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Lord of the Fries (shirt 64)

November 8, 2010

Lord of the Fries T-shirt
You may have read Lord of the Flies, and now you can become a Lord of the Fries! This funny t-shirt has a character with angry eyes and gritted teeth, his hands defiantly on his hips. The envelope is red; the French fries are golden yellow. Text is in a cool gothic font. This fun French Fries t-shirt is available here at my Zazzle store. A long sleeve shirt is pictured above, but you can slap this design on any of Zazzle’s groovy shirt styles.

I read the Lord of the Flies this past year and really enjoyed it. Maybe I was motivated to read it along with Lost‘s final season. But whatever the reason I read the novel, I thought it was a fascinating story, how the stranded British lads acted on the deserted island. The final scene was intense — kept me rushing through the pages to find out what happened next. It was William Golding’s first novel, and he hit it out of the park: The Modern Library ranked it #41 on its 100 Best Novels. Well done, Mr. Golding. Well done.

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