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Cannon Color Fire (shirt 58)

September 27, 2010

Cannon Fire T-shirts
On today’s t-shirt design, two cannons fire at each other, with a big explosion between them. Left cannon: blue. Right cannon: red. So that’s makes for a …. wait for it…. purple explosion! Yes! Color has never been so exciting!!!

These t-shirt designs are available in three different options, all at my Zazzle store:

Have you seen the Sony Bravia commercials that show off color in imaginative ways? Balls bouncing down the hilly streets of San Francisco, paint explodes like fireworks in an apartment complex, and thread tumbles down a pyramid. I’m not endorsing the Bravia TVs here — and I’m not getting any payment from them. But I do like their creative ways of showing color. Okay, they’re more exciting than my color shirt design. But just a little bit.

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