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Captain Meany (poem 38)

September 24, 2010

Arr! Finishing up the week with a pirate poem for ye!

Captain Meany

Once there was a
dreaded Captain Meany
who’s pirate ship made
sailors get screamy.
Captain Meany was
the terror of the seas!
He attacked any ship
that he pleased!
He’d steal all the gold
in the ship’s hold,
and was so cruelly bold,
he forced sailors
into the waters cold.
One by one,
they walked off the plank
and swam for land–
otherwise, they’d sank.

Then, one sunny day,
good Captain Pathos
attacked the mean pirate
off the coast of Barbados
Pathos’s fifty cannons
roared a mighty roar–
much louder than Meany’s
cannons of twenty-four.
And so, Meany’s ship was
quickly sunk into the sea,
with Meany swimming away
cursing his misery.

Defeated, Captain Meany
decided to change his life,
stay put on land,
and not cause any strife.
He vowed to take a
permanent sabbatical
From all things
mean and piratical.

He changed his name
to Captain Stan
and became a devoted
Sarasota beach man.
He roamed about
with a metal detector,
looking for coins buried
in the sand like the oyster.
At home, he dropped
the coins in a huge jar.
Month after month,
the coins piled up high and far.

With all these coins added up,
they paid for a new playground.
Now Captain Stan, having
completed his mission profound,
stands aboard his new
plastic pirate ship and resounds:
“Let all the children play,
even that eyepatched hound!
Let there be only smiles and no frownd!”
Captain Stan steps from the wheel,
lets a girl captain the ship,
and beams at the kids becoming spellbound.

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  1. September 24, 2010 7:43 pm

    Another fun story i the poem…very enjoyable!

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