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I don’t know what didactic means (poem 30)

July 30, 2010
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I read the word somewhere,
somewhere in a crowd of words
   on a page
like students crowding in a hallway
   between classes,
some wearing backpacks like semicolons.

But what does it mean?

Is it a type of penguin
   waiting in line for its turn
      to slide down the glacier and
      dive into the water and
      swim for fish?
Is it a kind of rock
   that you’d find next to a stream
      and put in your pocket to bring home
      because its color is really neat?
Is it a time in ancient history when
   dinosaurs roamed the earth
      and roared instead of speaking in sentences?
Is it a type of cloud
   that’s puffy and thick,
      which I see on bright summer days
      and aren’t full of lightning and rain?

On this day that’s free of dinosaurs and penguins,
   I sit on a rock and listen to
      the stream mumble by,
      mumbling all the possibilities of the word

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