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Pomegranate Janet (poem 20)

May 21, 2010
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Pomegranate JanetPomegranate Janet came from the jungle,
so city life makes her bungle.
Before crossing the busy street,
she must remember to stop her feet.
Please remind her to look both ways
to make sure they look okays.

‘Cause there are no jaguars in the city,
but to be hit by a car would be a pity.
Here, no howler monkeys howl,
but honking cars can make you scowl.
No bright macaws fly around,
but people with colorful clothes can be found.
No pomegranates hang from trees,
but you can buy one, if you please,
from the fruit stand man on the sidewalk.
There’s so much fruit, it makes Janet gawk.

Piled high on his cart
are peaches sweet and apples tart,
bananas as yellow as the sun,
lychee thrown in just for fun,
grapes as plump as can be,
and oranges loaded with vitamin C.

It is here, spies little Janet,
two reddish purple pomegranate.
Janet pays with money her mom gave
and she had put in her pocket to save.
Janet cracks open her favorite fruit
to get to the clusters of lovely loot.
For each of the little ruby gems
burst with more juice than the river Thames.
On Janet’s face spreads a smile
bigger than any grinning crocodile on the Nile.

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  1. May 21, 2010 5:30 pm

    Another clever and enjoyable verse…they are so much fun to read.


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