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Peace Flowers (shirt 29)

April 14, 2010

Peace Symbol T-shirt
Today’s design is a peace sign made of flowers. Tons of different flowers are fit together to form the peace sign.

The peace sign was designed by British artist Gerald Holtom in 1958 for a march against nuclear weapons. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament later took up the symbol. The sign was designed with basic shapes of “N” and “D” of signals in the semaphore language where a person uses flags. The “N” and “D” stand for Nuclear Disarmament. The “N” has a person holding flags tilted down at his or her sides (looks like an upside down “V”). The “D” has a person holding one flag straight up, the other flag straight down. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the background of the peace sign. Gerald Holtom’s peace symbol is now in the public domain — and it has been used since by anti-war movements and on merchandise in popular culture.

I created a peace sign of flowers to celebrate Earth Day, but it certainly could be worn anytime to show off flower power and a peaceful attitude. Click here to see this colorful peace t-shirt on my Zazzle store.

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