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Recycle Symbols (shirt 28)

April 12, 2010

Recycle T-Shirt
It’s a design of the three arrows of recycle, reduce, and reuse. Like tons of people, I put out the family’s recycling bins with our regular trash. The usual suspects: paper products, glass, plastic, and metal. After that, it’s out of sight, out of mind. The bins go out full and come back empty. I do hope that this recyclable material is going to good use, though.

But what about the flip side of this? That is, what about purchasing goods made from recycled materials?This side is one where I want to focus more. I’m not going to point out one business that sells recycled merchandise, since I don’t frequently shop at any. But a search for “recycled” on Amazon as well as on the shopping searches of Google and Bing turn up a wealth of many — and varied — products from recycled materials. Paper, of course, but also coffee mugs, door mat (from recycled sandals), photo frame (from computer keyboard buttons), bird feeder (recycled plastic), glassware, and so on.

So, as I purchase things, I’m going to try to find options made from recycled materials. I’m no macroeconomics expert (but I can spell it correctly, with help from a spell checker), but my guess is that if I buy more stuff from recycled materials, that may increase a demand for it. And, besides, wouldn’t it impress your friends if you said that door mat used to be stinky sandals and that photo frame used to be roof shingles? (Okay, I don’t know if roof shingle photo frames exist. But it could be possible. Right?)

Onward, to today’s recycle symbol shirts: This design is of a recycle symbol that looks painted on with a roller. It’s not actually painted on by me, though. It’s just a visual style. The background is scratched-up green, and the recycle symbols are in white or pink. Click here for the recycle symbols in white. Click here for the symbols in pink.

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