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Love Earth (shirt 26)

April 5, 2010

LOVE Earth T-shirt
April’s here, and the world is becoming greener as leaves appear and spring flowers bloom. April also brings Earth Day — on the 22nd. To celebrate Earth Day, I’m creating two new designs a week during April that focus on nature and an effort to be kinder to our environment. These designs will be available on Zazzle’s reusable tote bags and sustainable shirts made from organic cotton (styles from American Apparel and EDUN LIVE, which uses African cotton).

Today’s t-shirt design is LOVE with the letters stacked and an Earth globe taking the place of the O. The letters and globe illustration are original. For this shirt with green text, click here. With black text, click here. With white text on a black sustainable shirt, click here. For a tote bag, click here.

I was inspired by the LOVE stamp, which was based on sculpture created by artist Robert Indiana, where the O is tilted. Rage Against the Machine’s album Renegades uses this idea, with RAGE assembled in a similar fashion (the G is tilted). So my design is a continuation of this idea, inspired by the original concept and adding an Earth Day touch.

One organization I’d like to let you know about is Trees for the Future, which is certainly kind to the environment by helping communities in many countries plant trees — 50 million trees planted since the organization was founded in 1989. Learn more at their website.

Founder Dave Deppner gives a nice overview of the organization’s accomplishments in a video on their About Us page.

Their work is impressive, as it spans many countries around the globe, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Philippines, and many more. Click here for their Country Programs page for more about what they’re doing in these countries.

So please check out their website and learn more about a great organization helping out people around the world to grow more trees and aid their own environments.

I won’t be planting 50 million trees this spring, but instead will plant seeds, bulbs, and grown plants for summer flowers (and some vegetables). I’m steadily adding to the perennials in my garden, and will throw in some annuals, too. Sunflowers will be in the mix, as well as zinnias, as my daughters are big fans of them. It’s our small part in adding to our environment.

Thanks for checking out my blog and designs, and hope you like the nature designs during April!

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