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Snow, Please Don’t Go! (poem 9)

March 12, 2010
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As my melting snowman t-shirt showed, the temperatures here are rising and spring is coming. Personally, I’m glad to see this… but I figured that everyone isn’t happy to see the snow go. For today’s poem, I took a contrarian view — that of a kid wanting to hang on to the snow for all the fun that can be had (and closed school)…

Snow, Please Don’t Go!

Snow snow snow
please don’t go!
Please, please stay
so I can play all day.
“School’s out!”
we will all shout.
Closed for a day, a week, a year!
I’ll still learn, don’t fear.
I’ll read and write and do math.
I’ll use icicles to make a bar graph.
I’ll add up the snowmen,
all the way to twenty-seven.
I’ll subtract snowballs
as I throw them like baseballs.
I’ll multiply sledding runs.
Every day will be so much fun!

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