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Snowboarding Monsters (shirt 12)

February 24, 2010

Snowboarding T-shirts

The Winter Olympics week continues with snowboarding action. By now, the snowboarding halfpipe and cross are done, with Shaun White pulling out the crazy tricks to snag gold for men’s halfpipe and Torah Bright winning gold for women’s halfpipe. Their tricks blew me away — as did the stunts of all the other competitors, too. has photos and videos of snowboarding, as well as other events. A great way to catch up on stuff you may have missed on TV.

So to celebrate the boarding action, I have a couple of snowboarding t-shirt designs for ye. As you can see from the headless models above, it’s time for some monster air. One monster hasĀ 4 arms, is limey green, and rides a bright blue snowboard. The other monster is a cyclops who’s buttery yellow and rides a red board. Click on their names to see shirts that have them individually, or click here to see a shirt with both of them on it. These are my original illustrations.

Both of these cute monsters are ready, willing, and able to pull out a Double McTwist 1260 on the halfpipe.

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