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Icicle Fangs (poem 6)

February 19, 2010
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Today’s poem is again inspired by the snow and ice outside my house. Snow is still around from last week’s two big snowstorms. Though, all that snow fits nicely with the Winter Olympics now on in Vancouver. I’ve been enjoying the many events… hmm, maybe my posts next week will fit into that. But for today, it’s all about the ice.

Icicle Fangs

Icicle, icicle, don’t fall
   on my head.
‘Cause if you do,
   I’d surely be dead.
Please stay up there
   on the roof,
looking like
   my house’s tooth.
Please melt away,
   drip by drip,
from your most
   dangerous tip.
You and your friends
   look awfully sharp.
Bet you could poke
   holes in a tarp.
And so, I won’t
   walk underneath
those bristling,
   snarling ice teeth.
Until crowds of
   daffodils and tulips sprangs,
you icicles will be
   my house’s fangs.

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