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The Snowflake’s Flight (poem 5)

February 12, 2010

This week’s poem was inspired by all the snow that has fallen in the mid-Atlantic. Here in Maryland, we’ve seen two big snowstorms in the past week: the first bringing at least 2 feet, and the second bringing 1 foot. Great for sledding, but not all that fun to shovel over and over again…

The Snowflake’s Flight

The little snowflake dons its goggles
    and falls from the gray cloud.
One flake among many,
    a unique face in the crowd.
All falling softly, slowly,
    floating toward the ground.
There are so many snowflakes,
    the little one can barely be found.
How far can you see,
    way up high in the sky?
Can you see as far as
    the Caribbean islands lie?
Can you see mountain climbers
    taking a long rest
on the far, tip-top peak
    of Mount Everest?
How about my house?
    Can you see that?
If you can, does it
    look as small as a mat?
A welcome mat, that is,
    ’cause you snowflakes are invited.
If you land on my yard,
    I’ll be very excited.
All you snowflakes, land on my grass!
    Land in a big pile!
Make sure more of you lands here
    than on my neighbor Kyle’s!
Land on my parents’ car!
    Land on their garden gnome!
And to all you kids, make sure
    you don’t try this at home.
For the little snowflake’s flight
    is a long, dangerous one.
Thankfully, the little snowflake
    lands without any injury.
But that surely would not
    happen to you or to me.
Now I must finish tying my boots
    and make sure the knots stay.
And after I don my mittens,
    it’s off into the snow to play!
Little snowflake, thank you and your friends
    for traveling all that way.
I can’t wait to build a snowman
    and then go sledding all day!

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