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Let’s Give This a Shot

January 10, 2010

Hi! So glad you could make it. This is a blog I’m starting to try out some side projects. I’m a freelance graphic designer who creates print projects for clients. With this blog, I’m going to do some stuff on the side, to try and stretch my creativity.

My thought for this year is to follow the folks who have done something on a regular basis. They’ve created something each week — or each day — for 100 days or a full year. Stefan G. Bucher drew a fantastic monster every day for 100 days. Noah Scalin created a skull a day for a year. Dafna Michaelson is visiting an American in each state who is doing extraordinary things to help others in her 50 in 52 project.

These are just a few examples. Tons more projects are out there — of people who gave up something for a full year, and then wrote a book about it. Or tried something new and kept readers up to date with the progress through a blog.

So what’s my goal? Well, I’m going to try to create a t-shirt design and write a poem a week for a year. I already design t-shirts on the side (you can check out my store at Zazzle). But I want to push my creativity to come up with a new design each week. And the poetry? Well, that’s just for fun. I like writing silly poems to make my twin daughters (aged 6) laugh. So I think it would be fun to come up with a new poem each week and share them with this blog.

There you have it. My goals for each week this year. Now to give it a shot…

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